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The Accented Cavalier
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And we're not talking about an Australian accent.

We mean cosmetic accents. Taking parts of the car that are usually overlooked at first glance, and dressing them up to make them stand out like a sore thumb. For instance: painting drum brakes and filling in the Z24 of a Cavalier.

The second example is strategically placed vinyl. Along the doors, over the taillights and on the windshields should suffice. Yes, the latter was plural. Rear windshield banners are becoming more and more popular for some reason.

The last step in accenting your car, is the interior. Paint anything that can be easily removed for masking, and some things that can't. This includes air vents, door switches, and the gauge cluster. Not to be forgotten, are shift boots, rear deck carpet and matching tree air freshener.

A bonus for tip for the wannabe ricers out there: When you purchase a new spoiler to replace your factory spoiler, make sure you do a poor job bondoing the trunk lid followed by a $5 Sherwin Williams paint job. And by the way, that last picture below is his sunroof from inside the car. I guess he wants to be reminded of his sponsors while driving.

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