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Welcome to the Inside Look. This is where the staff at JerseyRice brings you coverage you won't find anywhere else. From special reviews, to photochops, to interviews; the Inside Look is the place to come for in depth coverage.

Hopper - Continuing our history of toy reviews (more will be posted in the future), this week we review the 'Hopper' with "Motorized Hoppin' and PHAT SOUNDS!"

Sport Compact Fall Nationals '03 - As promised, the Sport Compact Fall Nats delivered it's share of ricers once again.

Day Trip To Kean College - There's no better place to go to capture rice than a college.

How To Rice Out A Celica in 9 Easy Steps - Watch as we document the ricing process of a Celica.

2Fast 2Furious - Just as last year's "The Fast and The Furious" brought out the ricer in everyone, this year's blockbuster brought that ricer to this year's opening night.

Sport Compact Fall Nationals '02 - We took the short drive to Raceway Park to scope out the Fall Nationals event. The show was chock full of crazy custom cars, but the parking lot was littered with crap. Literally.

Street Rockets - 1/16 scale model rice cars complete with underbody neon lights. That's just the beginning of it, however. It's the statistics of these cars that drew our attention to them.

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