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For Christmas this year, we got from one of our friends, the best Christmas gift an anti-rice group of guys could ever have. Rice toys! Yay! In keeping with Jersey Rice tradition, we review another set of rice toys. We don't have the full set of Hopper's as we did the Street Rockets, because these things look expensive. But anyways, let's start the review.

This toy has 'hydraulics' for the front and rear suspension. Upon pressing the two buttons on the remote, you can raise or lower the suspension. With a little practice, you can get the front bumper to stay in the air and slam the rear bumper into the ground scratching up the paint job. Lots of fun.

From the packaging, the Hopper seems to be a series of 4. Two "Escalades" and two "Chevelles." Quoted because they aren't licensed, just similar in appearance to the two aforementioned vehicles. Note the further emphasis on "Phat Sounds." More on that in a bit.

What you get when you purchase one of these beauts, is a vehicle attached to a controller with two buttons (it's a rocker switch with two sides) and one headache. EVERY time you hit the button, this gem oh so graciously screams out "Ridin' on big 22s with the bling bling style. Yeah. Come on." And due to poor programming (perhaps purposely?) the instant 'on' is said in 'Come on,' it restarts, overlapping the phrase upon itself. Took us a couple times of listening to figure out what it was saying. Are the phrases different for each vehicle? We don't know, haven't checked that yet.

By the way, in about 5 minutes we're going to disassemble the controller and cut the lines to the speaker. This thing is so damn annoying. Anyways, here's what the Hopper looks like in action. Hope you enjoyed our review. Stay tuned for more.

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