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First and foremost: the term 'rice' is not a racial discrimination term. It does not refer to any ethnic or religious group. It's simply a term used to describe the vehicles on this site.

What is a riceboy/ricer/rice? A riceboy is someone who drives, usually, an economy car (import or domestic) and adds modifications to it to attempt to make it look better, or unique. They usually fail in that area, and in turn, make the car look like every other modified car out there. The problem is that riceboy is trying to make his 'daily driver' a 'show car' or a 'race car', but doesn't have the funds necessary. There is nothing wrong with making a show car. People putting tons of money into the looks to win awards. The problem is that riceboy can't afford a show car and a daily driver, so attempts to make his daily driver look like a show car, while still making it driveable. The other problem is that most of the time, riceboy never makes the car perform beyond adding a muffler and cold air intake, but yet they believe that they have the town's fastest car.

How can I spot a riceboy? Riceboys like to drive like they're racing. Even when no one else is racing them. 90% of the time, a riced out car can be seen driving like an asshole, cutting people off, braking late, not using their blinkers. Riceboy can be seen with big aluminum spoilers, aftermarket taillights, big body kits, and tacky graphics on their cars. Most of the time, the above modifications are poorly done, a.k.a. primered for an extended period of time, misalligned parts.

Why are you making fun of them? All they want to do is enjoy their car and modify it to their liking. Ya think? Fine, go ahead, customize your car to your liking, but first take a college course entitled 'Good Taste 101'. In the class it teaches you how not to look stupid. The modifications done to the car are so tacky and distasteful, that it's a disgrace to the car. More often than not, a riceboy modifies their car to stand out and make people look at their car, and not because they want to modify it. Riceboy, let me tell you something. When people look at your car, they are laughing, not saying "wow that is cool."

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