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Sport Compact Fall Nats '03 at Raceway Park
(Click to enlarge photos.)

What an interesting day. The Sport Compact Nats at Englishtown never fail us. There will always be plenty of rice for the pickings.

Let's start off with what was in the show field.

That's a picture of a band aid that was covering the hood. Why spend the money on a graphic instead of getting it fixed? And why enter it into a car show looking like that?

Eh, this one ain't too bad.

Couple random cars.

You're kidding me, right? No, seriously, you're kidding, right?

It's always a sunny day in this fellas car.


Up close pictures of the car featured on local crops, page 7.

Yea, not rice, but we just had to get a picture of this.

More pictures of the Celica featured on 'How to Rice Out A Celica in 9 Easy Steps'.

Pretty sure this was in the 'special interest' class.

The new Lexus Cavalier, or is it the Chevy RX300.

Orange is the new yellow.

And now let's move to the parking lot.

Rims on the payment plan. Signs of a budget ricer.

Kermit's got a hot new ride.

Fear the Honda IVI.

Some random lot findings.

One of the not so bad cars there.

Reviewed on Blue Ribbon Awards - Chicken Wire Sunfire.

Now is that 'V Techno' or 'VTEC? No.'

No, that's not a real Saleen.

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