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How To Rice Out A Celica in Nine Easy Steps
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Welcome to Jersey Rice's official guide to ricing out a Celica. What we have below is the steps one owner went through to rice out his Celica. Jersey Rice was there every step of the way to document this miraculous transformation from economy car, to ugly economy car.

Step 1.
Buy the largest metal spoiler you can find. This was what drew our attention to this car. One day all of a sudden it had this giant wing on the back. We just had to take a photo of it, but we never dreamed we'd be able to catch every step of the ricing process.

Step 2.
Spend $900 on the biggest set of graphics you can fit on your car. That's one way to solve the problem of fading paint.

Step 3.
Red wiper blades!

Step 4.
Poor fitting LED washer lights!

Step 5.
Bring in the real bling. Empty your wallet for a phat body kit.

Step 6.
What would a ricer be without altezzas.

Step 7.
Add some accent graphics.

Step 8.
Buy some rims and tires. Wait, there's tires on those rims?

Step 9.
Stop at your local Sam's Club and pick up a crate of cotton balls. You'll need a shit load of it if you're gonna be sporting ya mad fly ryde at all da local showz, fashizzle.

And you're done! We hope you've enjoyed Jersey Rice's official guide to ricing out a Celica.

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