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A Day At The Races - Sport Compact Fall Nats at Raceway Park
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A car show. What a wonderful experience. The loud roar of a 351 Windsor starting up. The shiny chrome of a '71 Cutlass. The '23 T-Bucket Ford hotrod consuming the quarter mile. Nope, not this car show. In the sport compact world, a car show means showing off how many pieces of custom fiberglass you can fabricate onto a car. It means tweaking out that four cylinder to gain every ounce of horsepower.

And then there are the lame attempts. The guys that had no clue what the fuck they were doing. It's great to see how much custom work can go into a car to make it look unique. It's a wonderful sight to see naturally aspirated four cylinders blaring down 12 second quarter miles. It's a horrid experience when you come across some young punk who destroys the true car enthusiasts name. You know what we mean. The guy with the '93 Civic that puts a body kit on his car, puts it in a show, and expects to win first place. Huh? Try again. You're what they call a "poser". Say it with me, "poser".

We had the privilige of going to the Sport Compact Fall Nationals at Englishtown, New Jersey's Raceway Park. We got to see Stephen Papadakis' tube frame turbo Civic run a 10 second quarter mile. We got to experience some down right insane custom fabrication work on some of the show cars. And then we left, and got to witness the parking lot. We saw about a dozen definitions of the word 'riceboy' out there.

These pages show all three. The blistering fast race cars, the custom show cars, and the poor excuses.

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