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A Day At The Races - Sport Compact Fall Nats at Raceway Park
(Click to enlarge photos.)

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The show cars. Customization at it's finest; and sometimes it's not so finest.

Still the most underpowered 'modern hot rod' in existence.

Couple more random cars.

The owner decided to pose for this photo, but we blurred out his face. Not to be nice, but so he can't say 'Look, that's me!'

Two of the about 50 Eclipse's there.

OK, we'll throw in an RX-7 for good measure.

It's safe to say this owner has too much money and not enough taste.

We're still wondering why a Lincoln Mark IV was at the Sport Compact nationals.

Um, how bout 'No.'

Random cars again.

A very nice looking BMW M Coupe.

Turbocharged IS300. Love the license plate.

What in the hell is this guy thinking?

Hope he still has the receipt. Honda put his door on backwards.

80's power in the house.

OK, we'll throw in some Supra's, too. Happy now?

Someone spent too much time on this.

Hydro'ed SC300.

No, that's not the lighting. The paint really does have that puke colored swirl look.

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