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A Day At The Races - Sport Compact Fall Nats at Raceway Park
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The show cars. Customization at it's finest; and sometimes it's not so finest.

Well at least it's not a Civic.

Those are high wattage halogen bulbs behind the license plate. Also, the engine has loads of work done to it, but it seems the owner went on vacation while the body shop was customizing the car.

At least the owner admits it.

Why, why, why, oh why are altezza lights considered cool?

Barely legal? Looks legal to me. Ricing out a car should be considered illegal, however.

Some random pictures.

A very quality fiberglass job and a nice set of rims, but what's with the random green striping?

Couple of the trucks there. Spoke with the owner of the Toyota, and he was actually a pretty nice guy.

One of the most realistic flame jobs we've ever seen.

Some Del Sol's. One of the worst looking cars to customize.

We contacted 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' to let them know that this actually is a CRX.

'The Fast and The Furious' rep-ruh-zent bay-beeeee!!.

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