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A Day At The Races - Sport Compact Fall Nats at Raceway Park
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The parking lot. This is where the 100% rice was located.

They make these? We question the market demand for them, however.

The hubcap bandit strikes again.

What used to be a Supra, is now an abomination.

You're missing some headlights there, buddy.

Tip: To afford four mufflers, sell your rear bumper cover.

A couple random cars.

Fear the unpainted.

Two group shots.

'The Fast and the Furious' representing.

Couple more random cars.

We're guessing there was only one spoiler there, and everyone kept trading it throughout the day. That includes the two cars below these, too.

Spotted on the way out.

How many ricers can you spot in this photo? Seven.

It's true. You can fit a wheelchair in the trunk of a Viper.

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