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2Fast 2Furious - Opening Night
(Click to enlarge photos.)

"2Fast 2Furious", this years most anticipated blockbuster release. Well at least in the riceboy's world. Just as last years release brought about your above average share of ricers and street racing, this years brought out even more idiotic actions. We've all ready heard about two deaths nationwide related to the movie, as some kids were found streetracing after the movie concluded. But anyways, back to the movie. As stated on the previous page, the makers of the Fast and the Furious series must honestly hate domestics. Even an import enthusiast has to admit that. Not to sway the stereotype of the riceboy, but when we saw the movie, we heard immense clapping and cheering when the Mustang got ran over. Makes me wish we would have cheered when the Eclipse 'blew the welds on the intake' in the first movie. To sum the experience up, except for the demolishing of the domestics in the movie and the oh so one too many riceboys in it, it was a much better movie that the first, with a much better plot.

We guarantee you that if there was classic Nissan Z in that lineup of the domestics, that it wouldn't have gotten destroyed in the movie. As we've stated before, we are not pro-domestic/anti-import, but having some non-riced out imports and some more predominant domestics in the movie perhaps would have added some more credit to the writers.

Before the show:
This is ground control to Major Tom. And look, it's one of our members posing with a Ricecop shirt.

Someone steal your hubcaps, or is that weight savings?.

When in doubt, buy the most common aftermarket spoiler.

Interesting hood scoop, errr, hole.

Nothing worse than getting busted by mall security.

A genuine Saleen S281 ruined by these damn taillights.

A nice old Caddy parked towards the back of the lot. I don't blame him.

After the show:
This guy has the right idea with the front end of the car, he just has to ditch them damn taillights, and perhaps some of that chicken wire.

Fox body Mustang. Um, yea... check that spoiler out, too.

A what now?

A Civic on hydros. We should have gotten a better picture.

A Subaru with some strange stripes.

Remember the RX-7 in the first movie? Yea.

This one has a nice lil' story to it. When we first saw it, we saw the underbody lights. There were four all around the car and they act like the Knight Rider strobes. Thing is, the guy wasn't in the car, or even remotely near it. We're assuming he turned the lights on, and then went inside to go see the movie.

Ugh. The second and third picture are basically the same, but the third shows the neons better.

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