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Chicken Wire Sunfire
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This might possibly be the world's biggest ricer. Or simply just the world's biggest piece of shit. There's a couple famous ricers out there. Everyone has seen the Skoda with 6000 gauges in the interior. Everyone has seen the famous Civic on BeaterZ with the giant 12" muffler tip. Add this car to that world famous list. Everyone will know about this car sooner or later.

So we start off with a wild paint job and a wild body kit. Blue, red, and yellow. Colors of a king.

Next we add the Micky Dee's interior.

But that's not the half of it. Take a close look at this next picture. The stock rims on this obviously $50,000 vehicle, the aircraft spoiler, and the logo on the back window all make up a tight ride. Take a closer look at that back "window" though.

Yup, that's chicken wire there, partner. So perhaps there's a reason for the chicken wire. Maybe the window got broken and the owner needed something temporary to prevent items from getting inside. But why go through the effort to paint a damn logo onto it?!

Welcome to infamy, Mr. Sunfire.

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