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The Cloned Integra
(Click to enlarge photos.)
At first glance it's just your typical riceboy driving a rusting 80's econobox.

And it is, but what makes this interesting is the story behind it.

After we took these pictures, not one minute later we passed an identical car driving past us. We mean practically down to the sticker placement. Same year/make/model, same wing, same color, same colored stickers. Only way we knew it wasn't the same car was that the one that passed us had altezza lights.

Originality at it's finest! And here's a bonus picture with his buddy ricer. (Update: These pictures were taken in about Decemeber of 2000. The other day (August 2002) we spotted the Escort pictured below. It still looks the same. We figure they're on a tyte budget.)

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