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The Primered Neon
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Primer. The best friend of riceboys.

Have any of you out there not seen at least one riced out car in the primer stage? We didn't think so. Primer gives them the sinister 'work in progress' look. Or, as in many cases, the 'I'm too poor to afford a paint job at this moment' look. This example would be the latter.

We didn't catch this car when it first got primered, so we have no idea how long it could have been this way before we saw it for the first time. Our first glance was December of 2000.

Five months pass and then finally, in April, it got a paint job. I guess McDonalds doesn't pay as well as they say they do.

We don't have any updated pictures with the full paint job, but it doesn't look any better.

Update: Here's some shots of the full paint job.

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