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From: Frank Boisvert

just curious how a stock probe, except for the supra wing, can be considered 'rice'? now i can understand if it has a bunch of stickers, or a huge aluminium wing. but not a stock probe, that will smoke just about any car on the rest of your site. at least try and justify yourself with some sort of comment other than 'Nope. Still looks like a Probe.' unless your one of those people who think probes arent good cars cause of the name. a true car enthusiest. what are you about 16? 17? hmm. still drivin mommys 4 door neon. thats ok.. i'll wave when i pass you by..



Any car? I don't know about that. I think the Tempo in Imported Crops might give it a run for it's money. The reason the Probe is on the site is because of the Supra spoiler and the uni-wiper. Yea, blah, blah, blah, we probably shouldn't have put it up, but 18s on a compact car are way too big. And actually we're only 12 and we dream of one day being able to drive mommy's 89 Chrysler Minivan. The wood paneling on that is so sexy. I'll make sure mom honks at you when you pass us.

From: George

Personally, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you can think what you want, but since you have a mailbag, I might as well throw my 2 cents in about how stupid and pointless a site like this is. You take someone's work, who really just wants to feel like they can hang in some sort of a cool car, with out having to spend what it would cost to make it a real hardcore dragster, and ground them to a pulp. I personally think its very cool, and fun for teenagers to experience car work, at an affordable price... So what if they aren't fast, and claim to be.. You smoke them, but just because they are beat, doesn't mean their cars aren't hot... I think a lot of people just do it for sharp looks, at least thats the feeling I get when I see rice, I welcome it with open arms. I love to hear the sound of a loud engine, everyday, that wouldn't happen without "fart cans"... Music to my ears... Besides all this, making a anti-rice site is completely stupid seeing as the topic will never be settled, no matter how many people you gather, no matter how many sites there are... people will continue to work on their cars for the sense that they did it, and they are happy with it... So I say leave them alone and go get on with your lives, doing to your car what you like, and beating them, or getting beat by them... Who knows...



We sincerely apologize for not recognizing the true potential of all the hot cars on this site. We shall remove our website immediately. Thanks for putting us in the zone. Auto Zone.

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