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A Long Awaited Update
Well time sure flies. But we're back with a bang. It's been a long while, but here's another update. New gallery page in Local Crops and Rotten Crops, as well as Visitor Submissions. Most of our side projects have been accomplished, so updates should come more frequently.


Bonus Update
Originally, todays update was just going to be some additions to the love and hate mail and some added links. But thanks to a hater over on the Protege Forums, we decided we'd give him a special treat. In honor of his friend, we've put up a new Inside Look entitled 'How To Rice Out A Celica in 9 Easy Steps'. Hope you enjoy it, eX-r8eD.

Also, don't forget to check out the newest love and hate mails.


Quick Update
Just a quick update to get a new gallery up. Check out the end of page 5 and the new page six in the Local Crops. Next week will have another update. We promise this time. We've also made the site compliant with the Opera browser. We discovered a few layout issues with Opera 7, but it's now been fixed.


2 Fast, 2 Furious
It's definite. The makers of the 'Fast and the Furious' series honestly hate domestics. Now this isn't a pro-domestic/anti-import website, but come on, even an import lover has to admit that someone in that production team hates domestics. Let's flip a Charger, crush a Mustang, have a Corvette run into it and show a Viper for about 15 seconds. Anyways, back to the point. We went to see the premier of 2F2F at one of the local theatres. We also stopped by at several other theatres to check out the parking lots. We pleased to announce that there's plenty of content on the way. Check out the 2F2F link under Inside Look.


3... 2... 1...
And we're back! No my lovely rice haters, we didn't disappear, but we took a needed vacation from some projects, and this one was included. But as we're pleased to announce, we're back in full action. Expect many more updates now. Yes, that means you won't have to wait months at a time to see some new pictures. But anyways, back to the site. The pics from the Sport Compact Fall Nationals are finally up. It's only been about six months, right? To check them out, head to the Inside Look and click the appropriate link. Hope you enjoy them.


Teaser Photos.
So we lied. The pictures from E-Town still aren't up, but we're giving you a small update to help kill the time. There's a new car listed in the Blue Ribbon Awards and a couple more cars in the Local Crops gallery.


It's Been A Long Wait...
But the pictures are up! New photos in all three of our galleries: Local, Imported, and Rotten. Still no pictures from Englishtown, yet, but they will be here soon.


Pictures Soon
The pictures are coming soon. Give it just a few more days. We've updated our love mail and we've gotten our first hate mail. I can feel the love. Also, the links section has been updated with a couple more anti-rice sites and we've joined the 'Anti-Rice Webring'.


Message Board Added
We're back! It's been a long three months, but we're back. And to start things off with a bang this new year, we've added a message board, which can be accessed via the link on the left side. To post a message, you must register an account, which is extremely simple. It's three easy steps. Later in the week we'll be posting those pictures we promised. For now, enjoy the forums and get to know the visitors of Jersey Rice.


We're Taking A Break
We've been very busy the past month, but unfortunately, not with the website. We have a lot to do lately, and, sorry to say, this site will be put on hold while we complete our other tasks. This is just our hobby, so it has to be put to the side while the more important things are accomplished first. But we'll be back with a bang, including over 100 pictures from the Sport Compact Fall Nationals at Englishtown, NJ, a message board, and about 50 or so random rice photos.


Inside Look
We've added our first 'Inside Look'. Today's coverage is about model cars. But more in particular, riced out model cars! These cars are complete with agressive body kits, 19" rims, and sub 9-second quarter mile times. Eat that Papadakis!


We did a little redesigning. Several of the cars featured on this site were worthy of a long review, so we made a new section for these vehicles entitled 'Blue Ribbon Award'. It's for riceboys that have gone above and beyond the rest. Also a few minor tweaks were made to the galleries, so if you've all ready seen all the galleries, check them again, because we moved a few things around.

We also haven't gotten any mail in a while, so please send us some if you like or hate the site. We read all the email we get. But we did get some mail a few weeks ago that is now in the 'Love Mail' section.


Gallery 4 Added
Gallery 4 has been added to the Local Crops page. A new section has been added entitled Rotten Crops, which will feature vehicles that aren't rice, but are still picture worthy.


Updated again
We've added a 3rd gallery to the Local Crops page and some more pictures to the Imported Crops. Remember, submissions are accepted! Go to the Contact page and email us your photos.


More pictures added
As promised, more pictures have been added to the gallery. 'Quick links' have also been added to the gallery main page and to each individual gallery page.

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