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If 6 Months is Frequent... What Do You Call 6 Years?
We were busy doing some egosurfing recently, and came to the conclusion that there are a lot of people out there that really like us! You really, really, like us! But we noticed a lot of comments saying our site is "dead" or "doesn't get updated anymore" when in fact... well, the comments are true. So for those 17 people that still visit the website, here's an update just for you... and for the 31 people that no longer come here anymore, well too bad.

Alas, it seems that rice is a dying art, [mission complete] so here's a bunch of photos we've had sitting on our harddrives since the last update. Check out updates in Blue Ribbon Awards, and a ton of new pics in the galleries.

And we actually do have another update in the works. Some more Englishtown shows, lots more random ricers, and a matchbox car review. Also, if anyone could actually tell us what went on at Englishtown April 4, 2004 and April 10, 2005, that'd be great. That's the timestamp on the photos and we forget what the events were those days. We think April 10 was the Sport Compact Spring Nationals, but we're not entirely sure. Also think April 4 may have been the VW Waterfest. Please email us if you know. Or even if you don't know, email us anyways!


9/11: Four Years Later.
Don't fret, we're still around and working on an update. But we wanted to update the site today in memory of the 4th Anniversary of 9/11. Our hearts go out to all those who were lost.


Holy Beep, Another Update!
And it's sooner than 6 months! Ya can't beat that! Call now for a free gift! Not really. Soooo, this update has a couple user submitted photos, and also, a kick ass review of an awesome Christmas gift that we got. Go check 'em out. By the way, we finally removed the link for the forums. They'll be back eventually.


We're Back. Again. For the Third Time.
Here we are once again surprising everyone with an update out of the blue. This time we've added two new pages to the Local Crops section. As a reminder, if you guys would like to send in your own rice photos to be included on the website, please contact us and send them in.


If Six Months is Frequent...
... then we kept our promise! Spank my ass and call me Charlie, we have an update! If you haven't noticed by now, the forums have been down for a bit. We had a server move several months ago and haven't gotten the boards back up yet. They will be eventually, though. On the lighter side of things, it's time for some new pictures! And by some, we mean a lot. We have several new Inside Looks to add, such as "Jersey Rice's Day Trip to Kean College", and the "Sport Compact Fall Nationals '03" (yea, we're a bit behind :)), and also a new Blue Ribbon Award is added to the fleet.

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