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From: Cloud Strife

good work on the site...i'll be sending some pics in the next couple weeks. I'm in north jersey, and we have an infestation of rice up here. It must be put to an end! X- TERMINATE ALL RICE! again, good job


Thanks :)

From: Mike

i live in monroe (right next too englishtown) and no one had a riceburner until that damn movie the fast and furious. its like children of the fuckin corn! mindless rice zombie invasion. i converted those that i could from deep within the rice back to americans. my friend wanted a supra and his dad owns a chevelle. What the fuck! i had to slap some sense into him. anyway love the site and keep up the good work.



Actually the Supra is a very nice car. A friend of ours has a 94 Supra, and that thing hauls some serious ass. Now given the choice between a Supra and a Chevelle, we'd probably choose Chevelle, but that's because it's rarer than the Supra, and to be honest, a classic muscle car will attract more women then a modern sports car. Glad you enjoy the site.

From: Nick Reeder

Hey.Nice site.We have some "interesting" rice here in Michigan.Mainly a pinto and a lincoln towncar,but there are a couple true ricers.Good luck with keeping this site running,and KEEP TAKING PICTURES!!!


A Pinto and a Town Car? Now that is two of the weirdest riced out cars we've ever heard of. It'd be great if you could get some photos and send them into us.

From: Sean Burke

sup? i just wanted to know why u guys dont show any cool rice like supras, u know 700hp rices that would woop a styleless and huge GTO? i halve to admit, though, that the cars on here and their owners are stupid and deserve the criticism.


This was sent to our hatemail, but it's also kind of a love mail, so we put it here. As for the email: Since when was a 700hp Supra a ricer? That's someone that knows how to tune a car. Our site features riced out cars, from econoboxes, to modern muscle. As for your comment on the GTO, we'll pretend we didn't see that. Styleless? Huge? That's what they made in the late 60s and early 70s. Same reason every car from the 80s is a box. It's the fad that was in at the time.

From: ragel-X

awsome site ..we must all join together and wreak havok on ricers ;)


Simple and to the point, glad you enjoyed it.

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