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From: Shawn Daniel

u fuckin gay fuckin ass crammin mother fucks. oh ya my cars fast because i got he new folders coffee can on there. ya thats cool u and ur little gay fuckin pieces of shit cars can go to hell. for every riceburner there is 10 mucle cars that would kill the rice in any compatition and thats the fact u gay fucks and ur gay fuckin cars i will blow ur fuckin rice shit off the road any day of the week any 8 will beat a 4 any day of the week. u guys thingk ur so cool because u got a huge wing that u dont even know how to use got dahm u guys r idiots u need to smart up u fuckin retarded gay ass plunging fucks and i hope we do meet at a stop light some day so i can beat the fuck out of ur little gay ass fucking cars.

Fuck off


Um. We're guessing Shawn is using us as a medium to rant at the ricers considering this was sent to our love mail account. If so, we're glad to be of service.

From: The Enis

being a proud owner of a chevy camaro, and a disgusted viewer of rice in my town (Lincoln Park, NJ off of Route 23), I'm glad to see that somebody finally recognized that rice hasn't only infested Miami and California. I can think of at least 10 rice burners off the top of my head in my town alone. What a great site you guys have, if I can get some pics, I'll send them in to you pretty soon.



Hope to get some pictures from ya sometime in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

From: The Kid

sup people @ jersy,

there are some good looking rice rockets and boad looking ones. And actually I do like ricerockets, but what I hate is that some stupid rice boys with no money buy home made or shitty look mods and ruin perfectly good cars that are potential nice looking rice burners. Overall I like the page is kool and keep up the good work. I would really like to see more krapy looking and cheaply modified imports. The pics you have are very funny. I have several pictures of krummy looking cars in my town. What really bugs me the most is some are so desperate that they use what ever car they have and do crap to it such as a geo, or any other silly car that was not ment to be modified.

- The kid

P.S. I really hate rice boys they are stupid and the very few nice looking riceburns are owned by rich bussiness men where im from. Why cant stupid rice boys get a freakin job so they can afford the good engin and body mods to make a decent lookin modified import.


From: Jeff

I love your site. I live in Middletown and have seen a lot of these cars around. I saw that Avenger tonight and I turned around just to see how stupid someone can actually be. That wings is atleast a foot and a half off the back of the car. It is now lowered about an inch off the ground and has wheels and a fake Remus exhaust. What maked people do these kinds of things. I have a car for you guys ill try to get pictures of it.



Glad ya like it.

From: jason

I saw your site today and just wanted to say you guys kick ass. I'm originally from toms river, stationed at fort drum ny. Once i get my digital camera ill send some hillarious pics. I've got an 03 sentra, bone stock rice free and an 86 s10, 350, 700r4 tranny, 4.11 posi rear. the rice killer. aint nothing my buds and i love better than smokin, and laughing at these clowns, neons, cavaliers galore up here. can't wait to send some pics of morons, destroying their cars. great site.



We try out best to kick some ass.

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