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From: dmitri

never knew it exhisted until today. good site. I'll be sure to check it out for updates daily.



i fuckin hate u fuckin losers that think that u have a fast car and u think its fast because u have a huge wing and dont even know how to use it u fuckin fuge packin bastards need to get a real car and stop actin like u have fast cars because for every rice burner there is 5 mucle cars that will beat the fuck out of it any day of the fuckin week. u fuckin ferry fuckers need to get a life and relieze a four cylinder with never beat an 8 so smart up and get yourself a real motar because i would smoke any u faggets any day of the week so fuck off in ur little rice burners and eat my fat ass with a huge spoon u fuckin little gay faggets and ur fuckin piece of shit cars. o look mine faster because i got the new folders coffee can on it.


Another "I think this guy is using us as a medium" email.

From: Larry Snedden

I enjoyed your galleries and commentary. PS: I know Jersey Rice never made this claim but FYI to the ricers, It takes way more than 400hp to run 9s in the quarter. If you gut your civic to an unsafe yet svelt 1200 lbs. and manage to make 200hp(with a turbo or nitrous), you will only manage to run in the 13's. Be smart, if you want a race car build a race car not a toy.


From: Slippy

First thing, Love the site. Second, Hate rice. Third I want to start my own anti-rice site. There is so much crap arounds here I could have a friggen field day. I feel naseau driving down the street. Its amazing what some people will do to their cars. I live in Dutchess County, NY. I was thinking od dutchessrice.com. I already have tons of cars in mind. I have read your disclaimed and am aware of any legalities. I would like your permission to include a link to your site. This could be the beginning of a nationwide ring of anti-rice sites. Thanks for the time



The disclaimer is just for fun and isn't meant to be that serious. Good luck with the site.

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